Friday, September 28, 2012

Since I have been boycotting all dog treats from China, I took the suggestion from a Lagotto friend and decided to make my own chicken jerky.

I purchased a food dehydrator (lists at about $60.00).  I purchased boneless chicken breasts on sale and froze them.  When partially thawed, they are easier to slice.  Photo shows the 4 layers in the dehydrator and the cover.  I used just under 3.5 pounds of sliced chicken to fill my dehydrator.

It takes about 7 hours for this amount of chicken to dry.  Notice the lighter color on the dried piece on left side, it was thicker and didn't fully dry so I gave that to the dogs right away.  I keep some of the pieces in a treat jar and freeze the rest so I don't have to worry about freshness.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

I have been concerned about products from China for both myself and my dogs.  I have been boycotting dog treats for quite a while.  This is sad as Costco and Sam's carried a nice big bag of chicken jerky treats for a good price.  When I noticed the treats were no longer US made, I returned the opened package to the store for a refund.

Now recently this item came to my mailbox.  I recommend this website for good information.  Sometimes it is a sales pitch, but much of it is useful.  Here is an item about Chicken jerky from China.

Healthy Pets - Dr. Becker

Saturday, September 22, 2012

The decision was finally made.  Ginna's next stud will be (drum roll . . . .) Angelus Mei Apollon. She and he are in the very small group of Lagotti in this country with  Excellent hip scores with OFA.  We decided to do a back to back breeding as I still want a female for myself.  According to good breeding practices and our club Code of Ethics, I will then rest her for a year.  That will give us time to show her in AKC next year.

You can see a photo of Apollon on my website on the photo page.  He is wearing a Tuxedo.  He was the sire of Adrina's first litter of 3 pups a few years ago.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Are there hypoallergenic dogs?

As a past breeder of Wheaten Terriers (advertised by Commercial Breeders as hypoallergenic and non-shedding) and now of Lagotti, I am often contacted by folks who have allergies to dogs.  I always recommend a visit before deciding on the breed.  I have seen cases of folks who can tolerate the Lagotto and one who still had a minor break out.  I think this is true of other breeders as well.

Never assume by any advertising you may see, that any dog is hypoallergenic.  Check it out first.  Here is a recent item on the topic:

Monday, September 3, 2012

Took the dogs to the dog park today.  A Navy family stationed in Japan was visiting their dad in the Phoenix area and wanted to meet the breed.  They are researching breeds for when they return to the states in 1.5 years.  I really like it when people do their homework!  Very nice family.

Vando had a bath and trim yesterday, Adrina was about a month since her trim and Ginevra had to stay home as she is getting closer to time to breed and I didn't want Vando acting very annoying at the park.