Monday, December 24, 2012

Puppies always bring joy, and our house is blessed with joy to the 7th power right now.  Our adult dogs and our baby puppies join us in wishing everyone a wonderful Christmas filled with many blessings of family, fun, and food with a big helping of hugs and wags from your doggies.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Time for some Christmas cheer!  Puppies were 1 month old on the 21st and we decided it would be cute to put them in a Christmas basket.  Right!  I could barely keep one puppy in the basket, much less all four.  It was decided to put them in one at a time and try to get the little Santa hat on each of them.  They had already outgrown this little hat that I bought especially for Christmas photos, so it didn't stay on very well.  Photo at top is grey girl, followed by green boy, Massimo below, followed by orange girl and purple girl.  Aren't they so adorable!

Friday, December 21, 2012

First bath for the puppies.  They all were good little puppies in the sink for their baths.  Sorry about the quality of the photos as we didn't notice the protective lens on our camera had gotten seriously cracked, so they are sort of blurry.  Top photo is our boy, whose family will call him Massimo.

Here is our grey girl:

This is our Orange girl.  she has more white on her forehead.

Our purple girl.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Puppies are now 3 weeks old and it is time to start on solid food.  I introduced them to goat milk mixed with ground chicken.  They loved it and lapped up as though they had been eating out of a dish all their lives!  We had messy faces and feet, but it was fun to get them started on solids.
Green boy

grey girl

orange girl

purple girl

Friday, December 7, 2012

Puppies are learning to walk and it is fun to see their world expand.  Now that the eyes are open, they are starting to relate to each other, and to me.  What fun to see a baby puppy start to waddle over to me when I come into their space.  They are also starting to interact with each other, which shows how eager they are to be social beings.

Here is a video of green boy learning to walk.  Note mama's toy in this clip.    

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Two weeks old!  Puppy eyes are just beginning to open.  Now that they are beginning to see a bit, they yawn a lot.  Funny puppies.  They are just starting to learn to get up on their feet.

Grey girl has newly opened eyes so no flash.

Orange girl

Purple girl with no flash

Green boy

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Ginevra is so funny.  At the time she was getting ready to whelp and we had her area all set up, she started to drag some toys into the whelping box (kiddy pool, in our case).  I would take them out and she would drag them back in.  I let her have them, thinking she was just getting ready for her own pups and these were surrogates.  During and after her whelping her litter, she kept bringing the toys back.  I would take them out, and the next time I looked, the toys were back.  She has 5 toys she likes and I keep finding one or more back in the whelping box.  I am not certain what is in her mind; are these toys substitute puppies because she has a small litter, are the toys for her to play with, or, is she trying to teach the puppies to play?  One can only guess.

This photo shows 3 toys, one is a soft yellow sea urchin shape, which she sometimes takes out in the play yard, but brings it right back back in .