Tuesday, August 25, 2015

On the topic of feeding, there is an item worthy of reading.  I feed raw (with some grain-free kibble for supplement) and this article is for those who feed only kibble.  My dogs get raw and cooked vegetables most every day.  They love the core and spines of leafy greens, they also love beans, carrots, and almost all salad items, (no onions!).  They don't mind vinegar and oil dressing but your mileage may vary!

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Rodney Habib - Pet Nutrition Blogger
As we await confirmation of the success of our recent breeding of Pesca to Angelus mei Barbelo, I was working on the genetics of coat color and what the distribution might be.  Since I know the colors of the previous generations, I am able to guess what the genes might express.  So here is my guess:  If we had a litter of 8 puppies, the colors might go like this: 2 brown, and 6 patch (spots).  Of the 6 patch, we would have 2 brown roan, 2 white/brown, 1 orange roan and 1 white/orange.  This possible mix comes from Grandparents with brown, brown/white, Orange, and brown/roan.  The color brown is dominant, and roan appears to be also.  However, there is orange in  two of the 4 g'parents.  Pesca carries 2 copies, and Barbelo might carry one.  I know both Pesca and Barbelo carry at least one roan.