Thursday, August 16, 2012

For over 19 years I have had dogs that needed a lot of grooming, first ShihTzu, then showing my Wheaten Terriers and now my Lagotti.  All needing regular grooming.  When we built the house we are now living in, we included a very large (12' X 12') utility room so I could easily groom our 3 to 4 dogs.  To save my back, we installed a bathtub at waist height to wash the dogs.  Since this room serves as my laundry room as well, the tub serves as an extra sink as well.

We chose Booster Bath, preferring its size and features.  It has a non-slip floor, and attached collar to secure the dog.  There is an attached bin to hold shampoo and brushes.  There is a lip at the opening where I cut a piece of fiberglas panel to fit and keep water from splashing out the end.

The bath has a drain hole near the end so we plumbed that to our grey water line through the base cabinet.  The cabinet was built at a height comfortable for me and also so the dogs could jump into the tub. Doors on the front of the cabinet give some extra storage under the tub, which is great.

This photo shows the cabinet and the tub which is bolted to it.  I hemmed a shower curtain to put over the window which is behind the tub.

This photo shows how we plumbed the hot and cold water for the tub.  We used a handheld shower head.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Italian Water Dog.  Here is something I found a while back on the internet about the history of the Lagotto.  I don't have the link but have copied it here in its entirety:

Italian Water Dog
Italian Water Dog

Friendly Italian water dog the first time I've seen at the World Exhibition in Brussels in 1995. It was a dog kennel from the Italian Luciano Landi. Now, without a water dog does not do any large-scale exhibition and a dog of this breed successfully win prizes for "Best-in-Show".

Italian Water Dog (lagotto) - a very old breed. It occurs in lowland areas of Comacchio and Ravenna in northern Italy, where in the last century were drained swamps. According to Italian researchers, the ancestors of these dogs came to Italy with Turkish sailors, ships are often moored to the shores of Italy. They guarded the sailing of the Moors, the sailors were very much appreciated for the intelligence and ability to perform different tasks and swim well.

President of the Italian club lagotto Giovanni Morsiani believes lagotto goes back to prehistoric dog Canis familiaris palustris Rutimeyer, peat or a dog known as the ancestor of many breeds of dogs that existed in the period from 10 000 to 6000 years BC

However, the figure, the characteristic drooping ears, habits and other characteristics lagotto suggest that this breed is classified by Professor S.Bogolyubskogo (1959) to the group goncheobraznyh, which includes the hounds, cops, spaniels and retrievers. Curly hair pudelepodobnaya could be inherited from kosmatosherstnyh shepherds, which were widely circulated in the past century in Europe. Morsiani opinion about the origin of the peat lagotto dog - the alleged founder of Spitz, Terriers and Pinschers hardly justified. Progenitor of a group of hunting dogs is goncheobraznyh Ash dog Canis familiaris intermedius, found in Europe. Of course, to say with complete conviction, from whom there was one or the other species in prehistoric times, it is impossible, we can only speculate. Morsiani also convinced that the Canis Aquaticus, or water dog, mentioned the great Swedish naturalist Linnaeus XVIII century and is found in the pool, and there's nothing like lagotto. Powered by Linnaeus drawing curly dog and is very similar to other water dogs mentioned by different authors. In 1591 Erasmo di Valvazone in the "Hunt" wrote: "Our favorite curly dog breed is not afraid of no sun, no ice, no water, overcoming the steep hills, making their way through thickets of thorns, and swimming across the river. Her head and hair reminiscent of sheep, this the dog willingly brings wounded bird.

Eugenio Raimondi wrote in 1630 that water dogs are common in the Adriatic Sea to Venice, where he used to feed the ducks to water. Other documents in 1660 also refers to the water dogs used for hunting waterfowl, which were rich in the lagoon in Italy, particularly coots. Hunters are very prized these dogs because they are easily trained to submit game with water, but, except for hunters, fishermen, and they were used, which helped pull the dog's small boat on a rope. Sometimes in shallow water was collected as many hunters that shooting at a bird turning into a real massacre. Dogs also tirelessly picking up the game, swimming and diving in the water, even with the ice crust, from which they are well protected curly hair.

The closest relatives of lagotto - Portuguese Water Dog, Spanish, Irish and American Water Spaniels are very similar in composition and characteristics of slime coat. There is no doubt that their common ancestors, the most famous and refined breed of this family was the poodle.

By 1800 the lagoon was drained, the water fauna is impoverished. Lagotto found no more use as a bird hunter and have been used to find truffles, which is particularly widespread in the years 1840-1890. Thus, from the swamps and shallow lagoons lagotto moved to the wooded hills. Mushroom - the main specialization lagotto today. The dog can detect the fungus that grows at a depth of 60 cm under the ground. Truffles have saved the breed from extinction. I would like to hope that she does not lose its valuable properties under the influence of fashion.

In addition to Italy, lagotto quite well known in Sweden, Britain, France and the United States. Dogs of this breed are taking part in competitions in agility, work well with the police on the trail, successfully detected drugs.

Lagotto Romagnola - unpretentious and appreciative companion, who loves to work not for reward, but only for the praise of his master. In relation to people and dogs lagotto friendly and peaceable. This dog must be able to swim and frolic in the water, it should not be protected from all, as a porcelain toy. Lagotto easily tolerates heat and cold, is always ready to play with the owner, does not like being alone. We must not forget that the hunter in the past do not miss a soaring bird or cat had been running, so the walks should be alert. At the same time, this dog is very docile and easily controlled.

Lagotto Romagnola - a dog of medium height, of proportional build, strong, with thick, curly hair, evenly covering all parts of the dog's body, silky strands to the touch.

Height at withers Dogs 43-48 cm, ideally 46 cm, weight 13-16 kg, females 41-46, respectively (43) cm and 11-14 kg. Length of body slightly greater than the height at the withers. Head trapezoidal, somewhat longer than the cranial part of the muzzle. The transition from forehead to muzzle a little noticeable. The eyes are round, the color of the tone color. The ears are drooping, rather large, broad at the base, triangular, rounded at the ends. The tail is saber, carried below the topline. Color white, white with brown or reddish spots of various shades of brown, red. The muzzle may be a darker brown mask.

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