Thursday, February 23, 2012

I have reserved uterine contraction monitoring and doppler equipment from Whelpwise.

I have used this service in my last two litters and wished I had had it for Adrina's first litter when the first puppy was stillborn.  I am certain it would have been saved if we had better information about fetal stress.

Since we now live out in the country and 20 minutes away from my vet, it is comforting to know that I have a good picture of what is going on with contractions and I have a doppler to time heartbeats of each puppy.  The Whelpwise experts are right there on the phone monitoring transmission from their equipment and ready to make frequent assessments of the progress.  My own vet is put on alert and I am equipped with measured amounts of drugs to administer if recommended.  Since this will be Ginevra's first litter, this service gives me a measure of extra confidence.


  1. Hi Judith...We've used Whelpwise for 5 litters now and wouldn't consider not using it. The first time we used it, we were expecting 6 puppies by xray. The first 4 pups came out without difficulty. #5 was slower and WW gave us help...he was a big boy, breech and had he gotten stuck, we might've lost him and/or #6. WW then asked us to check for another puppy, which we laughed off..hey we had an xray of 6...but did anyway. That's how we found Lucky #7 who emerged 8 hours later, full of piss and vinegar. Because of WW, we were able to know she and her mom were fine all the way through the process and avoid a C-section. And Lucky #7 was BW at Morris & Essex on our National Specialty Weekend, was a regional specialty BOS and multiple group placer. Pam Mandeville, Banner Wheatens

  2. Lucky indeed! It was you Pam, who helped me decide to use WW in the first place. Thanks!