Thursday, August 16, 2012

For over 19 years I have had dogs that needed a lot of grooming, first ShihTzu, then showing my Wheaten Terriers and now my Lagotti.  All needing regular grooming.  When we built the house we are now living in, we included a very large (12' X 12') utility room so I could easily groom our 3 to 4 dogs.  To save my back, we installed a bathtub at waist height to wash the dogs.  Since this room serves as my laundry room as well, the tub serves as an extra sink as well.

We chose Booster Bath, preferring its size and features.  It has a non-slip floor, and attached collar to secure the dog.  There is an attached bin to hold shampoo and brushes.  There is a lip at the opening where I cut a piece of fiberglas panel to fit and keep water from splashing out the end.

The bath has a drain hole near the end so we plumbed that to our grey water line through the base cabinet.  The cabinet was built at a height comfortable for me and also so the dogs could jump into the tub. Doors on the front of the cabinet give some extra storage under the tub, which is great.

This photo shows the cabinet and the tub which is bolted to it.  I hemmed a shower curtain to put over the window which is behind the tub.

This photo shows how we plumbed the hot and cold water for the tub.  We used a handheld shower head.


  1. Did you put up the curtains so no one would see the dogs naked in the tub? ; ) Thanks for the info!

    1. Toni, you are too funny! Maybe it is so no one can see how I look with suds and water all over ME.