Tuesday, August 25, 2015

As we await confirmation of the success of our recent breeding of Pesca to Angelus mei Barbelo, I was working on the genetics of coat color and what the distribution might be.  Since I know the colors of the previous generations, I am able to guess what the genes might express.  So here is my guess:  If we had a litter of 8 puppies, the colors might go like this: 2 brown, and 6 patch (spots).  Of the 6 patch, we would have 2 brown roan, 2 white/brown, 1 orange roan and 1 white/orange.  This possible mix comes from Grandparents with brown, brown/white, Orange, and brown/roan.  The color brown is dominant, and roan appears to be also.  However, there is orange in  two of the 4 g'parents.  Pesca carries 2 copies, and Barbelo might carry one.  I know both Pesca and Barbelo carry at least one roan.

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  1. interesting, I have no idea how to figure that out. is there a website that helps you with it, or just a trained eye for the pedigree?