Sunday, April 22, 2012

4 Weeks!  The puppies are now developing personalities (and teeth).  What fun these little guys are.  Everything is new to them and I keep introducing different things so they will get used to a variety of noises, smells, sounds, shapes, etc.  They now come running over to me when I come near them.

They are celebrating the warm weather with a soccer ball in hopes of getting to go outside for some play in the fresh air.  At 5 weeks they get to go outside for some playtime.

Here are the boys, blue, then green and then yellow:

Here are the girls, orange first and then purple:


  1. Happy Birthday, puppies! Judith, when do they start to see the inside of an open crate, the car, etc.?

  2. I have a tiny doorless crate in with the pups, a step stool and some other items to give them elevation changes. I have ordered a tiny baby slide so they will get a chance to go up two steps and slide down. I have an assortment of items to challenge them. I use Carmen Battaglia's rule of sevens for the pups.

  3. I love that, thanks! Not easy to do the rules of 7 with every puppy every week! Greatly appreciate it, I know the puppies who've had it or even come close compared to those who haven't really do have better coping skills throughout their lives.