Sunday, April 22, 2012

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Most recent photo of the puppies eating their second meal of solid foods.  It was very funny when I put the food into the larger play pen area,  as soon as I opened up the door of the smaller sleeping area, out came purple girl as fast as she could run.  She remembered that smell and liked it!  Here they all are eating out of little dishes.

Any guess what this is? 

 It is the north end of Ginevra going south.  The question is often asked, do they dig.  I guess this would answer the question.  

Doesn't she look sort of like an elephant or the Snuffaluffagus?  Two dark brown patches on her rump and her tail look like a funny face.


  1. Oh dear, I'd better start getting a "digging area" set up for her! Digging is great fun, but not in my gardens ; ) I know, dog trainer has rules!

  2. We put in a sand box for "appropriate" digging. Keep in mind these water dogs never go into my Koi pond. Everyone else's Lagotti have jumped in, but my dogs know it is off-limits. We just try to go with the nature of the dog (digging and swimming) and provide adequate outlets. We keep a kiddy pool full all during the warm months and have a digging spot.