Sunday, April 8, 2012

 2 weeks on Easter Sunday!  4 of the babies have "peepers" or eyes either partially or fully opened.  I couldn't use a flash for these photos because of the fragile little eyes.  First photo is blue boy.
Green boy.  The stuffed toy is a sort of pink dog with rabbit ears.  I hope the puppies don't get confused identities from this creature.

Yellow boy.  His skin has some darker pigment so I can't tell yet if he will keep any white in his fur.  Some places still appear to have pink skin, but we shall see.

Orange girl is above and purple girl is below.  Orange was the first to open eyes.  Most of the puppies are able to sit now.  They are practicing walking and it is pretty funny.  I will get a video of them when I can catch them at it.

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